This learning series provides an introduction to the potential of co-design, co-production and peer-to-peer responses; to support the co-design of peer-to-peer solutions and other kinds of lived experience involvement.

You’ll learn with Chris Vanstone, Barbara Binns and Danielle Abbott, all experienced practitioners in co-design and peer-to-peer.

Together they’ll help you get clear on what it takes to do co‑design and peer-to-peer well. They'll share their favourite tools and frameworks so you can realise co‑design and peer-to-peer solutions in your work, your organisation, and the broader system.

The course contains reflective activities you can do alone as well as activities that you can run with your team.

Your facilitators

Danielle Abbott

Peer Practices Lead, TACSI

A champion and advocate for the voice of the people, Danielle’s spent the last 20 years working on the ground with youth, families and in community development. For the last decade she’s worked at TACSI on designing, delivering and implementing peer-to-peer solutions, including Family by Family in Australia and the UK.

Chris Vanstone

Chief Innovation Officer, TACSI

Chris started his career designing biscuits and razors before transitioning into social innovation over 20 years ago. As TACSI’s CIO, he’s responsible for keeping TACSI at the cutting edge of social innovation, playing a big role in the development of our practice, major initiatives and strategy. Chris’ goal is to democratise social innovation. He’s always striving to get important concepts into the world in ways that are clear.

Barbara Binns

Senior Social Innovator, TACSI

Quietly persistent with an empathetic approach, Barbara strives to see the world through other people’s eyes. For the last four years, her focus has been supporting the spread and implementation of ‘Weavers’, a peer-to-peer support model that helps carers manage the ongoing challenges of caring, reducing the stress of caring and increasing wellbeing.

What you'll experience

  • TACSI practitioners sharing their insights into co-design, peer-to-peer solutions and co-production.

  • Six audio episodes that will introduce topics with stories, conversations and frameworks.

  • A perspective on co-design from Aboriginal practitioners

  • Six tools and frameworks you can use with your team to shape co-design and peer-to-peer activity

  • An App, website and downloadable resources

  • 12 months access to all the resources

  • Reflective activities for you and your team.

Seven things you’ll learn

  • What is co-design, coproduction and peer-to-peer support

  • The principles, mindsets and practices that support co-design and peer to peer work

  • The options for lived-experience involvement

  • The different forms peer-to-peer support can take

  • What needs to be designed in a peer-to-peer model

  • The four diamond design process

  • Considerations for engaging First Nations people in co-design activities

Course curriculum

    1. Doing Co-Design & Peer-to-Peer Well

    1. Introduction to Co-Design Mindsets & Practices Reflection

    2. Co-Design Mindsets & Practices Reflection - Mindset 1

    3. Co-Design Mindsets & Practices Reflection - Mindset 2

    4. Co-Design Mindsets & Practices Reflection - Mindset 3

    5. Co-Design Mindsets & Practices Reflection - Mindset 4

    6. Co-Design Mindsets & Practices Reflection - Mindset 5

    1. Options for Involving Lived Experience

    1. Introduction to the Co-production Essential Questions

    2. Co-production Essential Questions 1

    3. Co-production Essential Questions 2

    4. Co-production Essential Questions 3

    5. Co-production Essential Questions 4

    1. Peer-to-Peer Support

About this course

  • $150.00
  • 6 Audio episodes
  • 6 Reflective activities
  • 6 Tools to use in your work


  • Can I register as a group or organisation?

    Absolutely. Contact our Learning Coordinator, via email ([email protected]) for bulk registrations and discounts.

  • Who can I talk to about any other questions?

    You can speak with our Learning Coordinator, via email ([email protected]).