Why learn with TACSI?

  • Grounded in experience

    Bring together your knowledge with TACSI’s internationally recognised experience working in policy, strategy, commissioning, services, and practice across Australia.

  • Relevant to your context

    We know that no one is working in perfect conditions for social innovation, so we help you find actionable strategies that will work now, while setting things up for the long-term.

  • Supporting growth & change

    We help you navigate any personal growth and internal shifts you face as you learn brave new ways of working.

  • In allyship & solidarity

    First Nations and lived expertise knowledge is woven into every learning experience through co-facilitation, case studies, practitioners, thinkers, and writers.

  • Relational

    Connect with and learn from peers facing similar challenges and talk with TACSI practitioners and Lived expertise associates about their hands-on experiences.

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What past participants have said

“I cannot recommend TACSI’s Co-Design Learning Network highly enough. Brilliantly presented and worked through, I have gained valuable information and tools to seriously bring about true teamwork and co-design to my workplace.”

Participant, Co-Design for Mental Health

“Chris casts the net of this course broad enough that both Social Innovators and people from adjacent fields will find new value and stretch within the diverse content but also deep enough that it will likely provoke revelations for all. The group dialogues accompanying each module allow the time to explore topics deeply and draw parallels with your own practice. I also don't know of another course that more comprehensively weaves First Nations storytelling throughout.”

Participant, Foundations in Social Innovation

“I loved the session, the conversational nature was different to the format of sessions I've previously been involved with and what made it great! Also - so many terrific resources referenced and shared and this is always, always, always what attendees are looking for!”

Hayley Angell, Senior Manager DEI, Chartered Accountants ANZ, Many Threads of Allyship Webinar

“I'm definitely going to be more aware of power imbalances, and of the unique kinds of power people hold.”

Participant, Co-Design for Mental Health

“FINSI creates a much needed space for those practicing and interested in social innovation to explore in depth the current practices and methods in Australia and the world. The course foregrounds First Nations wisdom and masterfully weaves stories and practice with what these concepts mean for your context. Highly recommended for those looking for a well rounded, carefully crafted experience that prioritises learning, reflection and connection.”

Participant, Foundations in Social Innovation

“The co-facilitation was fantastic, enabling many additional aspects or ideas to be gently presented.”

Participant, Co-Design for Mental Health

“The course supported me to understand the co-design process and to apply it in practice.”

Participant, Co-Design for Mental Health

TACSI's approach to social innovation

All our learning networks are based on TACSI’s perspective on what it takes to do social innovation well, and the principles that underpin all our work.

  • Allyship with First Nations People, Knowledges and Country

  • Thinking and acting systemically

  • Rigour in imagination and experimentation

  • Decision making through diversity

  • Learn and grow together

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there any scholarships or subsidies?

    Yes, we reserve a limited number of free places on webinars, courses and networks for First Nations applicants, folks with lived expertise, and low-income earners. Contact our Learning Coordinator on [email protected] to request your place.

  • Can I pay in instalments?

    Yes you can. Contact our learning co-ordinator on [email protected] to arrange.

  • Who can I talk to if I have more questions?

    Reach out to our Learning Coordinator, via [email protected]

  • Why can't I access certain pages?

    Unfortunately, a small number of people (all accessing the site from Government computers) have had trouble accessing certain pages, including the enrolment page. This occurs because our platform requires a more recent encryption protocol than your Department is running. We suggest either: 1) Contacting [email protected] to be enrolled manually, or, 2) Accessing the site from another device, e.g. your phone, other personal device or on another network.